Still Alive Movement

It is time for unity for the survivors of tragedy. This is a movement to help people who faced their personal hell, and give them a place to stand together and know they are not alone. If you faced depression, loss, hardships, bullying, PTSD, suicidal actions, or any personal tragedy, we are here to stand by your side help you to your feet. This is an open armed invite to join our cause. Be the person you needed when you gone through it. and always remember; After everything you’ve gone through, you’re still alive.  -NotoKato


Where It Began

This is an idea first created by Kato Charles (NOTOKATO) and his story of survival after a sever suicide attempt sometime around 2014. Kato came from a history of problems in both his childhood and young adult life, suffering from depression and general dissociation. The suicide attempt was a final breaking point for him and he did not plan to survive that night. Though the next morning following the event, Kato awoke to extreme pain as he lay covered in blood in the bathtub. However, instead of sadness or anguish, he had felt something new, something different. After cleaning the tub and stumbling to his room, Kato took a black t-shirt and a white acrylic marker and wrote in large letters “Still Alive” across the chest then ripping the sleeves off. He then grabbed some gauze bandages and wrapped both his arms and put on his punk vest, patched pants, and lased up his Doc Martens before heading to school. Kato walked with his head held tall and a look of determination across his face. He marched down the hallway towards the girl who broke him and the guy Kato had introduced her to only days prior. Upon seeing Kato, they quickly stepped into a classroom, but not before Kato witnessed the look of surprise and fear in their eyes.

This was were Still Alive was born

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