Terms Of Service

The Artist Reserves The Right To:

♦ Refuse any request for any reason

♦ Stream the process of the commission, unless previously requested otherwise

♦ Refuse to stream the process of the commission

♦ Add the commission to their portfolio, unless previously requested otherwise

♦ Stop the commission for any reason. If the artist stops the commission due to: poor communication, and/or rude or inappropriate behavior from the client, and the commission is partially finished, it will only be partially refunded.

The Client Reserves The Right To:

♦ Stop the commission and request a refund under the circumstances of: poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or a period of 3 months with no updates from the artist.

♦ Request periodic updates, within reason.

Additional Terms:

♦ Once a clear or approximate deadline is established, the client must not rush the artist before this deadline.

♦ If the client requests minor or major adjustments to a commission, it may require a service fee.

♦ Full payment must be received before the artist starts the piece.  payments can be made via PayPal or Venmo. Partial installments can also be arranged.

♦ All prices are base prices and are subject to change based on level of detail. Pricing will be discussed prior to beginning the commission, and the client will be notified if the price changes before moving on.

♦ Should the client decide to make significant changes that require the artist to redo a large amount of the piece, an additional fee will be applied. This amount will vary.

♦ Should the commission need to be refunded for any reason, if it is partially finished it will only be partially refunded.

♦ There are absolutely NO refunds under any circumstance once the illustrated piece has been completed.